Ongoing & recent projects


Anna's AI Anthology. How to live with smart machines?
with AbuMusab, Bonard, Butterfill, Dennett, Deroy, Droege, Frankish, Gilbert & Tacca, Lin, Nyholm, Rust, Shevlin, Strasser & Schwitzgebel, Wilby

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Why ethical positions appear outdated in the face of the new AI technology

    Book project with Wolfgang Sohst
working title: The (ir-)rational human being

Project on Large language models

  1. Investigating strategies of how to distinguish human and machine generated text (with John Dorsch, Sven Nyholm, David Schwitzgebel)
  • Schwitzgebel, Eric, Schwitzgebel, David, Strasser, Anna (2023). Creating a Large Language Model of a Philosopher. Mind & Language, 1–22. https://doi.org/10.1111/mila.12466
  • Strasser, A., Crosby, M., Schwitzgebel, E. (2023). How far can we get in creating a digital replica of a philosopher? In R. Hakli, P. Mäkelä, J. Seibt (eds.), Social Robots in Social Institutions. Proceedings of Robophilosophy 2022. Series Frontiers of AI and Its Applications, vol. 366, 371-380. IOS Press, Amsterdam. doi:10.3233/FAIA220637

Papers in preparation:

  1. Wilby, Michael & Strasser, Anna. Developing Artificial Minds: Joint Attention, Joint Action and the Limitations of Current AI.
  2. Philosophische Mensch-Maschinen-Interaktionen.
  3. Don't worry they are just playing. (Opinion paper on capabilities of LLMs)
  4. Live longer: Joint commitments revisited.
  5. What is Belief? In favor of a gradual, disjunctive conceptualization of belief.
  6. Collective Irrationalities: How to agree on good reasons
  7. Social Cognition & Reciprocity

DenkWerkstatt Berlin

  • Scientific Consultation for LMU
  • Supervision of a PhD-project
  • Lectorate & sparring-partnership for a book project

Organization of scientific events

PhiDOS – Philosophy of Digitality Open Space, 12 October 2023
Topic: LLMs & workshop "Humans and smart machines as partners in thought?" (some speakers were virtually present)

Humans and Smart Machines as Partners in Thought?
HYBRID TWO-DAY WORKSHOP 10-11 MAY 2023, UC Riverside, US
with Ned Block, David Chalmers, Daniel Dennett, Ophelia Deroy, Paula Droege, Keith Frankish, Joshua Rust, Eric Schwitzgebel, Anna Strasser

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